Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today I Learned...

I could start this day's blog by telling you all the things that are wrong with me.  Discussing what I need to do differently, and what I need to change about me to accomplish all that I want to do. And originally, when I sat down to type today's blog post, that's how it started.  The only thing is, it doesn't matter.  Talking does nothing--except put into a published post all the things I want to do as opposed to the things I should just do. I can discuss all the things that make me fat, the things that make me binge, and while I am on the hunt to change those things, it is important to uncover them.  But for now, I need to focus on the things that were good about my day.
I ate no candy yesterday, no sugar-y foods.  While this isn't a great feat, it is pretty spectacular considering that I usually eat crap all day long or at least during the hour before I go to bed.  I worked out yesterday.  It was only one mile, but one is better than none.  And I took the Nutrition Prescription "quiz" and found the results to be worse than I expected.  However, I took the step to do the quiz, and am happy to find that every area I need help in is fixable and changeable. 
Think about all the things you don't like about yourself.  Are you angry a lot? It's fixable.  Is your hair crazy? It's fixable.  Do you eat out of control (like me, lol)? It's fixable.  There is always something that can be done to create a better lifestyle for you.  For ME!! I am the only one who can fix all of these problems I find within my self.  I am the only who can do it, make the change and live better, healthier--thinner. It's all about me, and my choices.  It always has been, and I have to remember that.


  1. i love it! i love the positive thinking! so many people trying to lose weight get caught up in the things they have done wrong to get there. while yes, it is important to recognize those in order to change them, it is more important to celebrate the little achievements you get throughout the day! GO JANILLE!

  2. I agree...celebrate the positive. Bashing myself has never gotten me very far. And're doing far better than your inner voice wants you to think you are.

  3. Yay!! I think not eating any candy or sugary food was a great accomplishments!! If those are your weaknesses, then it is a HUGE deal that you were able to avoid them! Like Jessica said...GET THEM OUT!! lol and exercising, however little, is better than none at all, right? I need to get that idea through my own know how i feel about exercise ;) Keep up the positive thinking!