Friday, January 14, 2011

Game Time

Obviously, thus far, things are not going well.  But, as Mary says, I probably am being too hard on myself.  I agree with that, but I also think I have to be.  I can't lose weight by winging it every day.  I won't get healthy by binging or fit (and therefore able to run or do other sports) by laying around being lazy.  So it's time to change the plan...add a few things, let a few things go...
My goals will essentially be the same, however, how I get there will be a little different, allowing myself to drink diet Coke, which I hadn't been doing.  That is one of my biggest addictions.  And while I am sure that drinking Diet Coke is not the best thing for me, it has to be healthier than binging all the time.  I can only change one portion of my life at once.  So, while I am going to try to quit drinking so much soda eventually, I can't do it right now.  It'll just have to wait.
For now, I will be focusing on my eating.  I am going to incorporate --which is a fantastic eating right program, focusing on the things that I need to work on in my eating habits everyday.  This week: eat more salad!! I can handle that I think! Baby steps!
So, with that being put out there, I also want to say how much I appreciate all of my friends and family who are supporting me on this little journey.  Hopefully, from here on out, I have my game face on, because I'm in it to win it (or lose it lol) Thanks for coming--it's game time!!


  1. Way to go girl! You can do this. Here's a link to a blog from a woman who has helped me. She's offering a free 30 minute consultation. Just thought it might help you on your journey. She is amazing (and so are you). :)

  2. Thank you! And thank you for the website--I will definitely look into it more after work, but looks great so far! I really appreciate your support and am always glad to see your posts as well. You are rockin' it girl!! :)

  3. I am so excited that I made it into your blog! Yes, you do need to be hard on yourself, but not to beat yourself up for a mis-step.
    Although I am not a fan of anything sacrificial or ...dare I utter the word?....exercise, Bob Greene says that we are creatures that are hardwired to seek out what makes us comfortable and gives us pleasure. Eating does that for most of us.
    In order to change any part of our lives, we have to be able to be willing to go through "uncomfortableness" and sacrifice. Even though this goes against our very nature. So, a rough start is not are fighting against everything you are!!! But making a conscious decision like this, and being willing to go without those comforts is a constant effort.
    Keep on keepin on!