Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How the First Day Went...

..."not well" is a good generalization.  It didn't go bad necessarily, but it certainly wasn't good.  The thing is, I have an eating problem--when I get frustrated or angry, I eat to subside my feelings.  So, I was very frustrated yesterday with how I was handling things, and ate two small packages of swedish fish, and two packages (single serving) of M&Ms.  I know it isn't much, but the problem is that I did it, not in how much.  I have to figure out a different way of dealing with the overeating thing, and am not sure how to go about it. 

Other than that, I ate pretty healthy:oatmeal, salad, veggie soup, baked potato, fruit, all the good stuff...and then some. 

So, all in all, I guess it wasn't terrible...I did get up this morning and workout, even though I had every intention of not doing so. That makes me happy.  I overcame a problem.  And I guess that's what this is--overcoming a problem, one step at a time.


  1. Hey girl! I am right there with u, losing weight. i have been really working hard and lost 5 lbs in a week but its starting to slow down now. I joined up at Golds Gym in lee's summit.
    One thing that works for me is to get that crappy food out of the house! GET IT OUT! Send it over to holly and wills so eli can have it there if he wants, or better yet, throw it away. We have made our new years resolution to TRY to not buy anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. it is in EVERYTHING- even bread (except one kind, natures own or something like that). What works for me for the late night cravings is to cut up a bunch of carrot sticks and put them in the snack size ziplocks in the fridge. ready to go. also, the 25 calorie hot cocoa is saving my life. i am a HUGE cocoa drinker in the wintertime, but cocoa has a lot of calories. i can have a cup of 25 cal cocoa, and even add a marshmallow to it (the big ones are only 25 cals, yeah it has HFCS but baby steps, baby steps.lol) then i have a filling treat thats 50 calories.

  2. Thanks Jess! I try to only buy stuff for the kids to snack on that I DON'T like, lol, like yogurt covered raisins and fruit snacks...but having all the Christmas candy in the house was a bad idea! They eat so well most of the time, it's hard to tell them they can't have it. But we are trying to make the switch to better to snacks. Like you said, baby steps!! :)

  3. Your friend has some great ideas. We don't do much snacking around here, and I pass 95% of any candy (anytime of year) to my neighbors! I think what you are doing is amazing and that you are being completely honest with yourself is also amazing! You are on the right track....trying to figure out the "why". Keep it up!