Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Baby Step

I popped awake this morning, and my first thought was "YAY!" While I didn't do an overly exciting and 100% perfect job yesterday, I was slightly inspired by a couple of different things, and made it through the day without a major snafu. I started reading Kim Barnouin's Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook.  This is truly "gung-ho." She really lets you have it, and in simple and fun terms. This with the combination of my friends' support, and that every present lurking of the SCALE, lol, made for a very motivated and goal-oriented day. 
I did have a "midnight snack" (which was actually about 2 am) but it was a peanut butter sandwich (light on the pb) and a granola bar.  While these things are prepackaged, so ultimately not fantastic for me, it was still all I ate.  So, I feel good, almost like it was a "tie" for the day, rather than a loss.  I'm movin' on up!
In addition, I ate salad all day yesterday.  I had a banana for breakfast, salad for lunch, salad/spicy thai soup for dinner, salad and popcorn for a snack. :) It makes me happy. I love salad.  I love veggies.  I love fruit.  I love all of those things that are "good for you."  The problem is that I love the junk as well.  But yesterday, oh yesterday! Yay! So, hopefully this means that I'm on my way up the hill, instead of one step forward and two steps back.
Once small step for me, a huge step toward my ideal weight.


  1. You've got the right idea by taking baby steps. If you go all out right away and insist that everything be all-natural, organic, wole foods you'll just burn out and give up. Not that eating organic isn't great, but that is a huge change. You'll have more success by breaking it down into smaller steps with that as your final goal.

  2. Yeah!!! Awesome job. Before you know it all your baby steps will add up and you'll be well into your journey. :)

  3. You are already ahead by liking all the foods that are good for you. That is one thing that won't get in your way. The "other stuff" will be hard to avoid, but if it isn't in close proximity to you, temptation won't be an issue.
    My thinking is "everything in moderation" and "portion control". I eat pretty much what I want...just not a lot of it. But maybe that is after you get the "other stuff" under control.
    I am happy for your WINNING yesterday!

  4. Thank you so much for all your support!! I went into this thinking, "it's a cinch, just do it." But it's not quite that easy. But I'm working on it--and you guys are motivating me every step of the way! Thanks!