Friday, January 21, 2011

Advice on Getting Fit...a.k.a. HELP!! ;)

So, I need some input on the workout situation...and some help/suggestions/advice on what is best/easiest/works well.  As we all know, I have two kids and I would love to be able to go walking.  My 6 year old is too old for a stroller, too young to stay at home by himself, but its too cold to have him go with me.  Even when it is warmer its difficult to go very far because he tires easily.  My daughter is 3, and I can put her in a stroller, but its too cold, and my stroller is a little umbrella one and not conducive to walking or running.
That being said, I like my walk at home workouts, but feel they are not difficult enough.  (I tried 30 day shred, and that was a little harsh for me lol).  Because of the kids being in tow, going to the gym isn't really worth it since it would spend more time just getting there than I would get out of it money-wise. 
Really, I need some suggestions.  We are moving in April to a bigger place, so I had thought about saving up for an elliptical after we move--since we'll have room for it.  Other than that, I got nothing! LOL  I would love some website suggestions, moves I haven't thought of, anything and everything that will help!! In advance, THANK YOU!!

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  1. PILATES will whip you into shape girl! If you were to take a class once a week and then perhaps purchase a DVD for the rest of the week? It's always nice to go to a class though because you find support and get pushed more than you would push yourself. As far as cardio goes.. keep walking whenever you can. I wouldn't invest in an elliptical just because you would have to spend A LOT of money to get something worthwhile. Spring is around the corner and you will be able to take the kiddos on more walks with you.