Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Finished My First 5k

My brother and his wife (and my adorable niece) joined me yesterday in Liberty MO to run my first 5k, which we finished in good time. I came in at 41 minutes, 12 seconds, 51st out of 74, and an average time of 13:19 per mile.
1. I felt like I failed myself. Granted, I finished, and yes, that's all that matters. BUT, I didn't run the whole thing like I wanted to. We took off too quickly in the beginning and kept that quick pace for a while, not slowing down soon enough. I also didn't warm up like I normally do. So, I walked about .2 mi of it right toward the end--when I was positive that if I kept going I would puke. Not good. My brother (who ran a full marathon last summer) and I did run across the finish line, however, so that was cool.
2. This has been one of my goals for awhile, so now that's it's over, I feel like I have to get right back up and do more...get a better time, run the entire thing, go for a longer distance, whatever it may be. That makes me feel like this first one wasn't good enough either.
3. I was kind of bummed that my kids didn't get to see me do it. This is no one's fault by any means. I am really truly grateful to Matt and Samantha for driving all this way to do it with me, and I probably would have stayed at home if it hadn't been for them. But the kids were so excited to see if I had "won," that I can't wait for them to be at the next one.

I should not by any means be upset with myself, but I still am. I think that if I had been better at eating, I would have been skinnier and that would have helped me run. I think that if I had just worked harder, or ran more, or done more hills, I could have finished it all. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, right?

I am taking the advice of my dear friend, and telling myself that I did it. I went out and I ran a 5k. That was the goal. And I accomplished it. So, no reason to be upset or mad at myself. Those woulda coulda and shouldas, I can turn into new goals, and new accomplishments. I can take those things that I think I should have done, be more specific in my goals, and just start a new "mission."

Holly and I have 28 days until our upcoming 5k in Kansas City. The kids will be there, so that'll be cool. I know I can cut some weight before maybe 5-6 pounds can be my goal for that, and any amount of weight off is definitely going to help. I am going to work on my stride and my hills over the next four weeks, so that I can finish in good time without feeling like I'm going to die. I'm going to do another 5k, and do it that much better. My brother told me that I can do anything, and everything that I do will help me get to my goal, and I know that's the truth.

I finished my first 5k!

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