Sunday, April 15, 2012

"If God made it..."

I am re-reading Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure, and one of the things I love about this book is her take on food: "If God made it, and man didn't fix it up, it's healthy, so eat it." (Paraphrased, since the book isn't in front of me, but you get the idea.) My mother has been immensely inspiring to me lately as well. She is following her love of cooking as far as she can, as best as she can, for as long as she can: and totally cooking as fresh as she can in the process. "If God made it..."

That being said, I'm inspired. I have a loaf of bread rising on the oven. A roast (seasoned from the cupboard and not from a packet--although, hopefully soon, I will be seasoning from the containers on the counter!) in the crockpot, with red potatoes and carrots, cooking away for dinner! We are going to make our own butter. We are going to make our own granola bars. I think I am going to try this again, my whole natural diet thing. I realized recently (after a suggestion from my sister-in-law and brother) that I can drink organic milk without being sick. So I am not lactose intolerant. It has something to do with the processing of it. Oh, well, better for me, and Audrey loves it too. (Eli's not the biggest fan, but I'm working on it, hehehe.) Again, "If God made it..."

So I'm trading in the crystal light for regular water for a while. Going to try to give up soda, maybe have the occasional coffee, because I don't think the caffeine and I can part ways just yet.  We are already growing our own veggies in containers out front, so if that goes well, I can hopefully just bring it inside and grow them year round--but that of course is dependent on how green out thumbs are. :) But hey, "If God made it..."

I'm trying to live up the scale, trying to let go of that little late night "secret" of mine, and get back to solid, healthier lifestyle. I want my kids to experience how things are supposed to taste before man got a hold in it with his preservatives....of course, we can't do this 100%, because there are some things I can't grow on my own or make on my own. But darnit, I can try! This is going to be my second goal after letting go of the secretive part of my life: to try and eat as naturally as possible, for me, for the kids, and for our future.

"If God made it, and man didn't fix it up..."

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