Friday, February 11, 2011

Starting Over

So, it's February.  And I haven't lost a single pound.  Well, I probably have, but I have also most certainly gained it back LOL.  This week alone has held the brunt of my frustration, as I am battling a bout of nausea associated with a round of steroids and antibiotics that were prescribed to me on Sunday.  Yay. Exercising is out of the question for the moment.  But that doesn't mean that I have to go all out and forget it...right?
And on a whim of magical inspiration, and at the invitation of a friend, I signed up for a 5k in May.  That's right, it officially (as of this date) 14 weeks and 1 day away.  Hmmm. I do have a C25k (couch to 5k) program on my phone which will come in handy (thank you Meagan!).
All I have to do is do it, right? Just jump right in and get going.  But that's a little harder than it seems on the outside.  I truly truly truly have an eating problem.  Not sure if it's hormonal (getting that checked out in a couple of weeks, as a result of the mess I saw the doc for this past Sunday) or emotional, and if it's the latter then maybe I will find help in "Women, Food and God," which I have just acquired as well.
Either way, this has to stop.  I have to put my foot down and tell it no. I have to look my food problems in the eyes, shake my finger, and give it a growl.  Because otherwise, I will spend the rest of my life starting over, at a higher and higher weight.  And that is never a good thing.

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